Branch Offices

  • Phondaghat
  • Kankavli
  • Kudal
  • Devgad
  • Vaibhavwadi
  • Malvan
  • Mangaon
  • Sawantwadi


Posted by admin on Sep 14, 2011


Welcome to Sindhudurg District Vaishya Samaj Co-operative Society LTD. Phondaghat

Sindhudurg District Vaishya Samaj Co Operative Society Ltd. Is established on 19th Oct 1991 and Vaishya samaj actually got the financial support to start own business. It was very hard to establish such a Co Operative Society in small village like Phondaghat at that time.But Hon. Digambar Govind (Dada) Korgaonkar (Chairman), Hon. Shankar Shridhar (Dada) Kushe(Secretary) , Hon. Ganpat Modi and all other theirs colleagues took risk and established Sindhudurg District Vaishya Samaj Co Operative Society.

Features of the Bank

  • Continuously getting Audit Class ‘A’
  • Working zone : Sindhudurg District
  • Complete Computerization of Patsanstha
  • Fast Responsive Service to be experienced
  • Easy & Fast Loan
  • Different Deposit Schemes with Attractive Interest Rates
  • Experienced & Well Trained Employees



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