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Posted by admin on Jul 13, 2016

Vaishya Annual income deposit scheme 

Annual Installment Rs. 5,000/- 

Investment amount   Return Amount 
First Year Rs. 5000/- First Year Rs. 2000/-
Second Year Rs. 5000/- Second Year Rs. 2000/-
Third Year Rs. 5000/- Third Year Rs. 2000/-
Fourth Year Rs. 5000/- Fourth Year Rs. 2000/-
Fifth Year Rs. 5000/- Fifth Year Rs. 23,005/-

Annual Installment Rs. 10,000/-

Investment amount   Return Amount 
First Year Rs. 10,000/- First Year Rs.5,000/-
Second Year Rs. 10,000/- Second Year Rs.5,000/-
Third Year Rs. 10,000/- Third Year Rs.5,000/-
Fourth Year Rs. 10,000/- Fourth Year Rs.5,000/-
Fifth Year Rs. 10,000/- Fifth Year Rs. 40,966/-

Annual Installment Rs. 15,000/-

Investment amount Return Amount 
First Year Rs.15,000/- First Year Rs. 7,500/-
Second Year Rs.15,000/- Second Year Rs. 7,500/-
Third Year Rs.15,000/- Third Year Rs. 7,500/-
Fourth Year Rs.15,000/- Fourth Year Rs. 7,500/-
Fifth Year Rs.15,000/- Fifth Year Rs.61,448/-

Annual Installment Rs. 20,000/-

Investment amount Return Amount 
First Year Rs. 20,000/- First Year Rs.10,000/-
Second Year Rs. 20,000/- Second Year Rs.10,000/-
Third Year Rs. 20,000/- Third Year Rs.10,000/-
Fourth Year Rs. 20,000/- Fourth Year Rs.10,000/-
Fifth Year Rs. 20,000/- Fifth Year Rs. 81,930/-

Annual Installment Rs. 25,000/-

Investment amount Return Amount 
First Year Rs.25,000/- First Year Rs.12,000/-
Second Year Rs.25,000/- Second Year Rs.12,000/-
Third Year Rs.25,000/- Third Year Rs.12,000/-
Fourth Year Rs.25,000/- Fourth Year Rs.12,000/-
Fifth Year Rs.25,000/- Fifth Year Rs. 1,041,936

Five year term with 5 years accident insurance free of Rs. 1 lakh 

(in accordance with the terms & conditions of the insurance company’s rules)

Lakshshree Deposit Scheme 

Payment Amount

Total Amount 

Monthly installment  Term year  Deposit Amount  Interest  Total Amount 
Rs.500/- 120 M.  Rs.60,000/- Rs.40,000/- Rs.1,00,0000/-
Rs.1,000/- 120 M.  Rs.1,20,000/-  Rs.80,000/-  Rs.2,00,000/-
Rs.2,000/-  75 M. Rs.1,50,000/-  Rs.50,000/- Rs.2,00,000/-
 Rs.5,000/-  36 M.  Rs.1,80,000/-  Rs.20,000/- Rs.2,00,000/–


(Terms & Conditions apply )


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