Sindhudurg District Vaishya Samaj Co Operative Society Ltd. Phondaghat has been registered with registration no.B/SDG/KKI/RSR/CR/103dated 19-10-1991


  • Patasanstha has achieved Audit Class “A” in year 2014-15
  • In next year 2016, Patasanstha will be going to celebrate its Silver Jubilee.And for that,
    Sanstha has put target of 50 Crores.
  • Has maintained strong relations with every member of Sanstha by continuously providing
    12% of profit.
  • Has been providing Scholorships to 4th and 7th std. students.
  • Every office(HO & Branch offices) have been computerized and will be providing Online
    facilities soon.
  • Every year, patasanstha rewards the patasnstha member’s children who got special achievement in 10th and 12th std.
  • Patasanstha also honours the members every year who have special contribution to achieve patasanstha’s aim.